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Resource Assessments

Using energy engineering modeling software, best in industry data, and proprietary methods, our analysts develop site designs and long-term energy production forecasts critical to investment decisions on new wind and solar assets.


Wind Resource Assessment Process

High-resolution wind flow models calibrated to on-site wind measurements and normalized to long-term data sets to predict energy output for a wind site.


Solar Resource Assessment Process

On-site irradiance measurements normalized to high-resolution long-term satellite images to predict energy output for a solar site. 

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Design Optimization

Design optimal wind, solar, battery and integrated solutions that deliver strong economic results and take advantage of opportunities for growth.


Wind and Solar Design Optimization Tools/Process

We leverage high-performance cloud computing to optimize wind and solar designs unique to each site to maximize economic returns.

Our industry leading proprietary platform enables us to evaluate thousands to millions of design options to improve site performance and economics. 


Battery + (Solar or Wind) Optimization Process

Our proprietary battery modeling and optimization platform enables us to model the value of batteries in a variety of behind-the-meter and utility scale configurations.

By combining battery storage with renewable assets, we can open up new economic opportunities.


Integrated Resource Design Optimization Tool

We create models that range from a few integrated generation resources to a full utility generation stack to find optimal hybrid and integrated solutions that maximize economic benefit for our customers.