Optos analyzes real-time energy data and forecast demand, helps plan energy and sustainability initiatives for each of your locations, optimizes performance with predictive maintenance, charge, discharge efficiencies and automate trading, and connects an entire assets portfolio with minimum integration effort and cost. Accelerate your energy and sustainability journey with Optos today!











Power Cockpit

See a real-time view of your energy consumption and forecasted net demand. The Power Cockpit shows insight into overall costs, consumption and savings, and will be able to forecast net demand based on real-time energy usage.

Carbon Ledger

Use real-time insight into your organization's carbon emission levels and sources via the Carbon Ledger dashboard, enabling you to take action on your decarbonization journey.




Portfolio Planner

Generate a preliminary plan to guide investing in renewable energy assets to meet your renewable energy and carbon emission goals.

Portfolio Planner Pro

Optos can provide intelligent, location-specific recommendations for renewable energy initiatives that meet your green energy and cost saving goals.




Automatic Dispatch

Autonomously dispatch and optimize the value of your renewable and storage resources. Our algorithms will minimize your energy costs and emissions, while maximizing benefits from state and federal incentives.

Automatic Trader

Automatically generate energy market bids based on proprietary load, price and resource forecasts. Our optimization algorithms maximize the value captured in day-ahead, real-time, energy, capacity, and ancillary services subject to your risk tolerances. Benchmark performance against perfect knowledge execution or other baseline strategies.

Asset Monitor

Proactive predictive maintenance for solar, wind and storage assets supported by our technical experts. Asset Monitor uncovers underlying issues with your assets and recovers value in lost generation. It detects and categorizes asset underperformance, and provides insights that allow you to maximize ROI and performance.